DAMECO Mobile App

DAMECO Mobile AppDAMECO’s competitive advantage is that we offer clients and appraisers the use of our exclusive mobile app which makes their jobs easier and streamlines the appraisal management process. Our mobile app was designed with the input of industry experts, to help eliminate delays that previously have slowed the process. The goal in creating DAMECO’s mobile application was to provide an innovative solution to reduce complaints, decrease turn times, save money for clients and to improve overall communication. Clients and appraisers can log-in to our site on their computer or mobile devices anytime to update or view an appraisal request. Whenever there is a change in an order, a notification is sent immediately to insure the process moves swiftly along from the appraiser to the client. Additional benefits of the DAMECO app include:

  • Clients can quickly order appraisals, receive real-time notifications when there is an update, view their entire order list and details, exchange messages with DAMECO staff, upload documents to their order, view or download appraisal reports, and update an order’s status if it needs to be placed on hold, canceled, or requires revisions.
  • Appraisers can accept or decline new orders, update an order status, enter inspection and estimated completion dates, map the subject’s location, call or email the borrower directly from order details, and view complete order information while out in the field. They receive notifications when a new order is assigned, when there is a new message from DAMECO and when payment for an appraisal is sent.

DAMECO’s mobile app is available for both phone and tablet devices on iOS and Android platforms.

If you would like to learn more about the DAMECO app, please give us a call at (888) 993-3263 ext# 700 or send an email to contact@damecoamc.com. For more information visit our web site at www.damecoamc.com We are happy to hear from you and answer questions!

DAMECO Appraisal Management DAMECO Appraisal ManagementDAMECO App for Clients

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