DAMECO Appraisers

At Diamond Appraisal Management Executives we value our appraisers and consider you our business partners. DAMECO is owned and operated by an appraiser, so we understand the challenges you face in our industry. We expect integrity and professionalism from you, our appraisers, and you can expect the same from us. If you would like to join our panel of appraisers, please visit our web site at and fill out our contact form. Here are some advantages for being part of the DAMECO team:

  • Higher, more reasonable fees. We believe higher compensation will result in better quality reports and help decrease turn times.
  • Full use of our DAMECO app, which was designed with you in mind. It makes communicating easier and quicker and you will have the ability to accept or decline appraisal orders when away from the office.
  • Quick payments. Our system sends you an email alert and a push notification when your payment is scheduled to be deposited or the check is mailed.
  • A personal message center in both Web site portal and the DAMECO app. This eliminates searching through emails when you get back to the office and keeps all communication regarding an appraisal order organized and stored.

DAMECO Appraisal Management Company

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